Pink Rain

In March 2005 pink rain floods the city of Singapore. In fact, the deluge is caused by the pink blossoms of the cratoxylum formosum and the yellow ones of the peltophorum pterocarpum. Horticulturists around the world are electrified. After a long period of drought the dryness causes floral reproductive madness in the trees and makes them produce flowers abundantly, in order to save the species.

Park-rangers advise blossom-fanatics to arrive before 10 o’clock in the morning. At that time the flowers are raining down at their freshest. Whole areas are covered in pink, white and yellow blossoms, since Singapore planted loads of trees starting from 1963.

A long and hard drought that eventually results in pink rain occurs about every 10 years. Unfortunately, the colourful rain only lasts for about two days.


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