I don’t even have to look out of the window, the sound of the cars driving through my street has suddenly changed and I know it’s raining. Tyres suddenly make a unique slightly smug smacking sound as a car passes by – a whoosh of rubber over wet tarmac that is specific to modern cities. The sound of a Jeep in the countryside splurging through deep brown puddles is entirely different.

Sometimes my dog is so scared of thunderstorms that even the sound of rain upsets him. Maybe there are tiny little thunderbolts that my human ear cannot intercept. But the dog can. He sits there. Panting in the rain. Just panting in the rain. His tongue hanging from his mouth, until a small droplet forms on the tip of it. I watch it quiver until it falls down.

the sound of rain (youtube)
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raindogs are lost because in the rain they cannot follow the scent of home (wikipedia)


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