The Rain Museum is a virtual museum. It can be reached online via the URL It started in November 2008.

Comments, and Contributions
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Idea and Concept
Pamela Schlatterer

Stair Rods by Sally o’Reilly, writer and curator
Scotch Mist by Sue Jones, writer and curator
All other texts by Pamela Schlatterer

Photos and Videos
April Showers, Monsoon, and Downpour by Gunnar Uhlenhut,
cameraman and photographer
Cats and Dogs, and Scotch Mist by Adib Fricke, artist
Stair Rods by Ali Musa, designer
All other photos and videos by Tessa Pinto, artist

Consulting, Design, and Realization
Adib Fricke, The Word Company

© 2008 by Pamela Schlatterer, and
© by the authors of the texts and images.
All rights reserved.

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The rainmuseum is hosted in Germany.
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